IRO webinar: Geothermal Opportunities (panel discussion)

Online Webinars

IRO organises in collaboration with IGA: International Geothermal Association a Geothermal Panel discussion on Thursday 8 April, 15.30-16.30 hrs. CET.


  • What is the Vision for Geothermal Energy Globally?
  • What are the Geothermal opportunities arising in the coming decade?
  • How can the Oil Gas Service Industry (on- and offshore) deliver on these opportunities?
  • How can we map geothermal resources effectively and attract investment into this exciting new energy space?


5-7 minute pitch per panelist, after which the moderator conducts a guided conversation between the panelists.
The final 30 minutes are for a Q&A from the audience.


Dr Marit Brommer (Executive Director of IGA)


  • Ms Jamie Beard, Executive Director of the Geothermal Entreneurship Organisation based in Texas, USA
  • Dr Ellie Macinnes, Head of Geothermal Science at CGG based in the UK
  • Mr Rob Urselmann, Principle at AOTEA based in the UK
  • Dr John O‘Sullivan, COO and founder at DCarbonX based in Ireland