Webinar Energy Reinvented Community: Beyond border – the Dutch energy law

Online Webinars

Date: 8 April
Time: 12.30-17.00 hrs
Location: online

Energy transition requires a system change. This can only be successful if all stakeholders embrace collaboration beyond their traditional ecosystems. A transition towards a reliable, clean and affordable energy system requires strong collaboration beyond borders.

Integration between electrons and molecules, cross sectoral integration, public private partnerships and collaboration between various countries in North West Europe are key.

The Energy Reinvented Community wants to address these changes and stimulate all stakeholders to think beyond borders. Therefore, after our main theme of 2020: Crossing Bridges in Energy Transition, we introduce our main theme of 2021: Beyond Borders.
In three events we will address opportunities, spark ideas and discuss solutions that will help us to think beyond borders and seize the opportunities that are key to accelerate the energy transition together.
The event of 8 April 2021 will focus on topics related to our theme in the area of thinking beyond borders in energy carriers, electrons of molecules.