Aquatech Offshore

Aquatech Offshore

Aquatech Offshore serves multiple offshore operators according industry standards such as IMCA, NOGEPA, IOGP, NORSOK and others. Our team with global experience in the offshore diving industry has a long track record of adapting to specific client needs and local legislation.
We pride ourselves of being able to find the best mix between efficiency and diver safety in all circumstances by selecting the right diving methodology to approach the subsea challenge with our divers.

Whether diving from a standard DP2 DSV or a 4P mooring vessel, a rig platform or other fixed installation, from multi cats or with IMCA D040 sets using even smaller vessels, Aquatech Offshore will find the way to ensure a safe platform to facilitate our diving operations.

Our diving techniques include but are not limited to:

  • Air and Nitrox diving
  • Air and in-water oxygen decompression
  • Surface Oxygen decompression

As diving contractor, we are very well setup to provide any form of (diver subsea) assistance, assistance for:

  • Decommissioning works
  • Cable installation works
  • Pipe lay installation works
  • Salvage works