Blue Offshore

Blue Offshore

Blue Offshore supports its customers with worldwide installation, transport, storage, field jointing and repair solutions for subsea high voltage cable, array cable, flexible pipe and umbilicals. Our mission is to assist international customers with the development of the world’s oil, gas, wave, wind and tidal potentials.

Our solutions include the rental of innovative modular offshore deck equipment. Our full range of rental deck equipment consists of basket carousels and carousels, tensioners of 10 or 15 tonnes, reel hub drive systems up to 400 tonnes, reels, loading towers, roller highways and chutes. We can also provide tailor-made solutions.

The equipment can easily be installed on a wide range of vessels and barges or placed on the quayside. In addition, Blue Offshore supports vessel’s deck and equipment engineering, Finite Element Method calculations, sea fastening and stability analyses, project management and project engineering. We also provide offshore crew to operate the deck equipment during operations and to support mobilisation, hook-up, commissioning, maintenance and demobilisation.

Our basket carousels have a modular design and have variable product carrying capacities up to 5;000 tonnes for dynamic use and up to 7;000 tonnes for static use. The outer diameters of the basket carousels are 15m, 18m and 23m. Our basket carousels are Lloyds’ Register certified.

The basket carousels have an integrated grillage for sheerleg lifting or SPMT (de)mobilisation. The grillage is strong enough to support lifting the basket carousel in one single lift during (de)mobilisations. We have developed a Lloyd’s certified 15m outer diameter basket carousel that can be lifted loaded with 1;000 tonnes of product. Also our loading towers can be lifted in a single lift. The basket carousels can be converted into reel type carousels.

Cost and risks are reduced due to the modularity of the equipment. It allows flexible product loading and installation schedules with an increased choice of product installation methodologies.

For more detailed information on our equipment, engineering and recent projects we invite you to visit our website or contact our office. Blue Offshore holds permanent offices in The Hague, The Netherlands and has representatives in Singapore and Aberdeen, UK.


Henk van den IJssel, Managing Director