Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument

Flow Meters, Pressure Control, Vacuum Gauges and More

Since 1946 Brooks Instrument has been a leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology.

Brooks provides Coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow, variable area flow meters, vacuum capacitance manometers, vacuum gauges, pressure control (pressure controllers, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure sensors) and vapor delivery instruments to improve critical processes.

Serving customers in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals, fiber optic and thin film manufacturing, solar cell, LED, alternative energy, oil and gas refining, chemical and petrochemical research, and semiconductor manufacturing, a partnership with Brooks is an investment in reliability, repeatability, accuracy and performance.

With manufacturing, sales, and service locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Brooks Instrument has the world’s largest installed base of mass flow controllers. Its broad family of products includes legacy brands such as UNIT Instruments, Tylan and Celerity.