CAPE Holland

CAPE Holland

All ways driven

We are passionate about piling; we continuously improve the performance of pile installation and removal: faster, easier, smoother and more sustainable. We love to make impact and contribute to good vibrations. Our customers’ offshore oil, gas and wind projects are of the greatest significance. These mighty constructions require solid foundation, and we are there to support them with the smartest piling equipment and all our knowledge, skill and craftmanship. At CAPE Holland we proudly build on six generations of piling experience. We get the job done!

Piling outside the box

Above all, we are solution providers. We think in possibilities. Whether we need to be creative in sourcing the proper equipment for you, or the situation requires an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach. We are the pioneers in offshore vibro driving. Our work includes research, design, and engineering. We try and test. Both behind a desk, and with our feet on deck. Resourceful as we are, we’ve invented better tools by learning from onshore piling, combining functionality, reducing frills and adopting to the most demanding circumstances. Challenge us, like we challenge ourselves!

Since its first commercial project in 2015, the CAPE VLT (Vibro Lifting Tool) has accumulated an extensive track record with highly efficient upending, positioning installation and extraction of offshore and nearshore piles. Using various CAPE VLT configurations and pile clamping systems a large range mono-, pin-, jacket-, and anchor piles have been installed. The CAPE VLT has also been used for removal of piles during test and decommissioning projects.