Escher Process Modules

Escher Process Modules

Escher Process Modules (‘Escher’) is a leading global Process Technology House and provider of process solutions since 1925. Escher is part of Iv-Groep.

We engineer, fabricate, package and supply:

  • Oil & Gas Treatment Systems (such as Gas Dehydration, Separation et cetera)
  • Combustion Systems (such as Flare systems, Thermal oxidizers et cetera)
  • Process Vessels

Escher Process Modules continuously focusses on safety first, delivery of quality and on-time performance.

Innovation, value added technology and lessons learnt since 1925 are integrated in our process solutions. Sustainable system design and project execution is a high priority within Escher Process Modules.

Our After Sales Service Department is 24/7 available to serve your inquiries to ensure optimal operation during and even after the system life cycle. The after sales services include the supply of spare parts, services, replacements and handling warrantee issues.