GloMar Offshore BV

GloMar Offshore BV

GloMar Offshore operates a diverse fleet of purpose built offshore support vessels, which meet exceedingly high standards in safety and operational capabilities. A dedicated team of talented ship management professionals uses quality management tools such as the ISM Code, ISO 9001, FPAL and the IMO/ILO marine operations guidelines to safeguard operations at sea and onshore.

GloMar Offshore is the leading provider of Safety Standby Vessels (SVV’s) to the Dutch offshore Oil & Gas sector, and we also operate Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVS’s) in the UK sector.

Furthermore, Glomar Offshore also provides:

  • Offshore Accommodation support,
  • ROV/Survey Support Operations,
  • Dive Support Operations,
  • Offshore Renewable Energy support,
  • Seismic Support Operations,
  • Guard Vessel Operations and Decommissioning Support Vessels

We provide these services on a global scale.