Jumbo Offshore

Jumbo Offshore

Jumbo Offshore’s core business is the installation of subsea structures, mooring systems, smaller jackets & topsides. Jumbo Offshore has access to 14 Heavy Lift Vessels, two of which have DP2: Jumbo Javelin and Fairplayer. This offers the specific benefit of combined transportation and installation.

A Jumbo-patented Deepwater Deployment System (DDS) has recently been installed in the Fairplayer. With this deepwater system Jumbo Offshore can lift large and heavy structures from deck and place them on the seabed without the need for subsea transfer. The deepest project Jumbo Offshore has completed is a pile-hammering project at 1;300 m water depth. Typical weights and depth ranges are:

  • 1;000 t in 1;000 m water depth
  • 600 t in 1;700 m
  • 200 t in 3;000 m

Both vessels have a 17 knots transit speed, two 900t Huisman cranes, a large, flat working deck (100m x 26m) and a large, adjustable hold storage capacity. For transportation services these cranes can lift 1;800 tonnes in tandem inshore operation. For offshore purposes they can handle up to 1;100 tonnes.

With a strong emphasis on safety-at-all-times, we keep true to our motto:

Lift. Ship. Install. All in one go.