Nsecure is a specialist and market leader in the field of access and security

We provide high end access and security solutions for organizations and locations where many people come together. Technological advances, changing laws and regulations, and business growth are rapidly changing security and safety needs. Nsecure is therefore convinced that security and safety policy should be an integral part of all business processes. We look at hospitality, safety, compliance, continuity and business operations as a whole, where innovation never stops. Based on that vision, we therefore developed a unique service that ensures safety and control. That is why we offer high-end security systems, access control, CCTV, identity management solutions, 24/7 service & process monitoring, observation services and so on.

Our roots are in the security world. A world where much has changed in recent decades. Access to locations was done by using paper checklists and man guarding. Digitalization has brought disruptive changes that go beyond technology. The human side is decisive for the success of (new) technologies and how this contributes to optimizing, improving or changing business processes. That is why innovation is in our DNA, not forgetting and underestimating the human side. Innovation within Nsecure (with an IT first approach), led to proven software and cloud services, highly qualified (remote) solutions, 24/7 smart performance monitoring and recently our improved identity & access management platform. We take our responsibility for the highest quality in security with the best return for our clients.


SOC 2 Type 2
ISO IEC 27001
ISO IEC 27701
ISO 9001
EcoVadis Gold Rating