Offshore Independents

Offshore Independents

Offshore Independents is an engineering company and project management consultant specifically aimed at the oil and gas industry with specialized knowledge of pipeline installation and offshore construction. Our multidisciplinary teams are capable of handling full life cycle project development services covering design, engineering, procurement, construction and operational aspects of offshore projects.

Products & Services

• Installation Project Engineering
• Marine / Naval Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Geo Engineering
• Consultancy, Specialist and Support Services & Training
• Visual Engineering (Drafting)
• Pipeline Engineering and Design


Offshore Independents is renowned for its offshore construction experience which is being applied throughout the feasibility, definition and execution phases of projects. Our engineering skills in brief:
• Concept Selection and Design
• Project Development Studies
• Feasibility Studies (Commercial and Technical)
• Installation/Construction Studies
• (Pre-)FEED Studies
• Installation Engineering

Procurement and Tendering Support

Our in-depth technical knowledge of offshore infrastructure projects in combination with our procurement and tendering skills have proven to be of significant value to our customers. Our procurement and tendering expertise is aimed at optimal alignment of the project events, mitigating (interface) risks and managing capital expenditure. Our services in brief:
• Contracting and Procurement Strategies
• Development of ITT Packages incl. technical specifications, scope of work definitions, commercial packages, Terms and Conditions etc.
• Supplier’s consultations
• Tender Management
• Tender Evaluations
• Tender Engineering
• Cost Estimating

Project Management and Consultancy

Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. At Offshore Independents we understand the technicalities of the project, as well as the project management practices required to actually deliver projects on time and within budget. We consistently apply our in-house project management system which is based on a gateway-controlled system that offers continuous control, accountability and technical and commercial assurance at every project stage. Our Project Management and Consultancy Services in brief:
• Planning and Cost Control
• Design Management
• QHSE Management
• (Sub)-Contract Management
• Field and Logistics Support
• Fabrication, Construction and Vessel Operations Management
• Inspection Services
Offshore Independents’ sister company is ARC-ses which provided dedicated solutions to the challenges of the Renewable energies.