The field in which our clients work, has also been our field of work for over thirty years. We know what’s important and that helps us to make sure that we always have the right colleagues in the right places. Whether you’re in need of a temporary or a long term colleague, we provide a fitting solution. Our employees are always 100% certified and trained to do their job well. Redwavers distinguish themselves with their mentality: safety first and we always hold up our end of the bargain. You always know exactly how we can be of service.

We get things done

You’re looking for a reliable professional, someone who can start working today for a short or a long period of time. Someone who knows what they’re doing and gets the job done no matter the challenge. Someone who is certified and meets all of the required safety standards. For us, that’s business as usual, it’s in our DNA. As a technical secondmend agency specialized in the offshore and onshore industry, we take care of the search for the perfect fit. A personal Accountmanager works together with our Recruitmentteam to find the right addition to your team. Redwavers know what they’re doing, know the field and have the right work ethics and attitude. We’ll always find the right colleague to fit your demand without you having to spend valuable HR and Recruitment resources. Because we always meet our candidates personally, we know for sure that your new colleague has that same mentality and DNA.

We’re there for you

Our employees aren’t just name on a paycheck. They’re so much more. We know all of our Redwavers personally. We know what drives them. We know why they love working in the offshore and onshore industry. We know why they love their job. Their wellbeing, their ambitions and their homebase are at the top of our prioritylist. We are not the only ones who are this involved. Our employees are engaged with us as well. Redwavers are loyal, hardworking and reliable towards us and towards our clients. Are you just as interested in our people as we are? You can contact one of our three offices, each with their own specialty.