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Ridderflex & Plastics BV

  • Materials and Equipment Suppliers/Manufacturers
Touwslagerstraat 5
2984 AW, Ridderkerk
The Netherlands
T:  +31 180 463471

Ridderflex develops and produces rubber, plastic and polyurethane products, gaskets and sealing products and hoses for the offshore industry.

Ridderflex believes in possibilities. A technical problem is a challenge for our team: what is the best way to help you? We will always find the best solution for your specific requirements, using all our knowledge and experience of materials, machining operations and applications. We look beyond standard materials and products. Ridderflex always goes the extra mile.

Ridderflex products
Our rubber, plastic and polyurethane products are essential for the offshore industry. Ridderflex supplies amongst others: fenders, plastic sliding plates and strips, wear parts, rubber strips and sleeves. Also for gaskets and seals, offshore hoses such as floating hoses and RIG supply hoses, and ring type joints you’ve come to the right address.

Polyurethane specialist
As a polyurethane specialist, Ridderflex’s strength is producing polyurethane products. Our tensioner track pad linings, stinger roll linings and sleeper plates are indispensable for the installation of pipelines, cables and umbilicals. For the offshore renewable industry we developed polyurethane bearing pads that are an excellent alternative for all elastomeric bearings on the market and PU linings for shipping cradles.

Polyurethane is a unique material. We can adapt the material properties to the application of the product. There are no other materials in our product range, that are so flexible and versatile. Experience shows us that PU products can be the solution to numerous technical problems.

Our laboratory
Ridderflex has a laboratory in which plastics and elastomers can be tested for mechanical and physical properties. We may issue 3.1 certificates on our (compression) moulded materials. Also, we can extensively test polyurethane products, for properties such as the compressibility, the load and shear modulus.

Ridderflex excels in customized products
Ridderflex excels in the production of customized products. We develop and produce essential components for the offshore in any desired plastic or rubber material. Completely custom-made. Simply based on a drawing or a model. In both small and large quantities. Ridderflex: small enough to be flexible, big enough to solve your problem.

News by Ridderflex & Plastics BV

06 December 2018, Ridderkerk