Seacontractors Brokerage B.V.

Seacontractors is a maritime service provider with a broad client base, well equipped for worldwide operations in shallow waters (up to 200m water depth).

Founded in November 2004, Seacontractors operates a fleet of workboats and acts as a manager of a pool of 3rd party vessels. Being active in chartering & contracting in the towage and heavy lift industry, the Seacontractors vessels are shallow draft Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels (AHTS) in the range of currently 20 to 70 tonnes bollard pull (BP).

Seacontractors is active in the following segments: offshore energy, offshore oil & gas, offshore wind support/renewables, maritime infrastructure, bridges and jetties construction, port development and dredging support works, inland waters, towage, salvage and ship handling. The activities of Seacontractors include: towage, dredging support, anchor handling, supply work, ploughing, surveying, salvage, diving support, commercial management and offshore brokerage.