Van Heck

Van Heck

Van Heck has specialised itself in the engineering, design, development, construction, installation and operation of diesel, hydraulically and electrically driven pump units, siphon arrangements and ballasting systems.

Our pumps can be used for dredging works, cable trenching, offshore operations, temporary sewage and/or cooling water installations, fire fighting, polder drainage, salvage work and pipeline cleaning. The maximum capacity of a single pump unit is 8;000 m3/hour and discharge pressures reach up to 36 bar.

Our rental fleet is built to meet the latest noise, emission and environmental regulations.

In the offshore industry Van Heck stands for a professional and specialised approach, proven with its experience in ballast services for load-out and float-over operations, enhanced with our centrally controlled ballast system or our manually controlled mini-ballast system.

Van Heck’s newest innovation, the Sea Trophy – green and easy oil recovery (submersible oil recovery pump) and Sea Trophy systems, provide salvagers and the shipping industry with an astute and versatile tool to recover (fuel) oil in all unforeseen situations.