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Van Oord Offshore

  • Pipeline & Offshore Installation Activities
  • Civil And Dredging Activities
Jan Blankenweg 2
4207 HN, Gorinchem
P.O. Box 458
4200 AL, Gorinchem
The Netherlands
T:  +31 88 8265200

Van Oord Offshore is an Offshore and EPC Contractor with more than 100 years of contracting experience that offers high precision subsea rock installation, trenching & backfilling, landfall installation, shallow water pipe lay, pipe pulling and SPM & GBS installation works. With an extensive global track record in the offshore construction industry, Van Oord Offshore has proven its expertise to provide clients with a safe and solid solution for their offshore structures.

Van Oord’s offshore capabilities include:

  • shore approaches, including pipe pulls
  • civil construction of shore approaches and landfalls
  • construction of sleepers and embankments
  • deep-sea dredging, seabed intervention and pre-sweeping
  • trench dredging and backfilling
  • hydraulic & geotechnical engineering
  • installation of Gravity Base Structures
  • installation of CALM Buoys
  • installation of anchor systems
  • shallow water pipe lay