DNV acquires energy price forecaster Antuko

24-08-2021 Member news

DNV acquires energy price forecaster Antuko

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider has acquired the consulting arm of Antuko, a leading energy price forecaster. Antuko, with headquarters in Chile, South America, is a specialist in quantitative analysis, risk assessment, market intelligence, transactional advisory and market representation. Its global team of qualified experts have extensive experience in electrical market analysis and modelling, and currently provide Antuko’s services in the Chilean, Mexican and Iberian power markets.

Antuko was founded in 2010 in Chile to provide incoming non-conventional renewable energy developers with key data and intelligence to help them penetrate that market. Later Antuko expanded into Mexico (2015), Spain (2016) and Portugal (2016), and as of today has performed more than 300 consulting projects, helping the development, financing and construction of more than 4 GW of new renewable assets. Antuko is also strong in M&A advisory (more than 20 transactions) and in market representation (400 MW of assets under management).

“DNV and Antuko have been collaborating in the Iberian, Mexican and Chilean energy markets for some time, particularly when there is a need for power forecasting or any kind of financial approach to energy generation and its commercialization strategy. The combination of our services in this area is an excellent strategic fit and Antuko joining the DNV family gives us the opportunity to offer better services to our customers.” says Ditlev Engel, CEO of Energy Systems at DNV.

“Through this integration into DNV, Antuko will gain access to a much larger global network as well as the opportunity to expand its services”, says Olivier Potart, founder and CEO of Antuko.

DNV’s 2020 Energy Transition Outlook forecasts that electricity demand will more than double over the next three decades, raising the share of electricity in the global energy mix from 19% in 2018 to 41% in 2050. Over that time frame, the growth in electricity demand in manufacturing will be 46%, in buildings 100%, and in the transport sector electricity use will grow 26-fold.

Reliable power price forecasts are essential to the decision-making process for energy investments. Deeper insight into how wholesale power prices develop and what factors can affect their evolution in each market is also critical to help decision makers fully understand the risk landscape they operate in and so make the right investment choices for their risk preferences.

Santiago Blanco, Regional Director, Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America Energy Systems at DNV concludes, “The integration of Antuko´s capabilities in our DNV portfolio, offers our customers, investors, financial institutions, owners and operators, a one-stop-shop for their energy projects. We are providing a holistic approach, covering both the technical dimension of the project, including the amount of energy a project and portfolio could generate based on technology and also the market revenues that they could obtain as well as ways to optimize a customer’s commercial strategy. With this acquisition, DNV continues to consolidate its position as a market leader in the very dynamic market of due diligence for energy project finance and mergers and acquisitions advisory.”