Dutch Energy Association merges into Holland House Mexico

12-08-2019 Member news

Dutch Energy Association merges into Holland House Mexico

As of June 2019, the Dutch Energy Association is part of Holland House Mexico, the Dutch-Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.

The Netherlands has identified nine top sectors in which the government wants to strengthen the country’s international position. The top sectors are aligned with the five focus sectors of Holland House Mexico, which have been defined based on the available business opportunities for Dutch companies in the Mexican market. These focus sectors are Energy and Maritime, Agri-food and Horticulture, Healthcare and Life sciences, Sustainability and Water Management, and Advanced Manufacturing. Dutch Energy Association will form part of Holland House Mexico as the group aligned with the focus sector Energy and Maritime. Dutch Energy Association will continue organizing sector related events and will remain the first point of contact for Energy, Maritime and Port Development.

About Dutch Energy Association
Dutch Energy Association is a non-profit, self-supporting, pro-active organization that is dedicated to promoting trade, investment, and business development between Mexico and The Netherlands in the energy sector. Since its launch in 2016, Dutch Energy Association has been actively working
on creating a platform for the business community to capitalize on opportunities for cooperation to address technological and operational challenges in the Mexican and Dutch energy sectors. To facilitate and accelerate the market entry of new entrants into the Mexican energy market, and to support Mexican companies in their pursuit of business opportunities in the Dutch market, Dutch Energy Association provides matchmaking services and organizes networking events and trade missions. Through another initiative, the Dutch Pavilion, Dutch companies are given the opportunity to maximize the impact of their presence at key industry events in Mexico. To date, 27 different Dutch companies have participated in the Dutch Pavilion.

About Holland House Mexico

Holland House Mexico was founded by Dan Reitsma, Guido van der Zwet and Jeroen Posma to help Dutch companies be successful in the Mexican market, as well as promoting trade, investment, and business development between Mexico and The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Holland House Mexico is the one-stop shop for Dutch companies doing business in Mexico, or entering the
market. Its portfolio of services, ranging from market analysis, opportunity identification and matchmaking to customized professional services and premium office space rental, is designed to significantly lower the market entry costs and risks and accelerate the pace of business development of Dutch companies in the Mexican market.

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