First industrial-scale production of Twaron® using recycled material

15-06-2023 Member news

First industrial-scale production of Twaron® using recycled material

Teijin Aramid announces that years of research and trials have resulted in a production run of Twaron® using recycled feedstock. The high-modulus filament yarn produced with recycled content has the same exceptional strength and durability as our original renowned Twaron® fibers.


It’s a milestone in the Teijin Aramid sustainability journey – a first for developing technology and our journey towards using an ever-increasing percentage of recycled content in the production of sustainable Twaron® yarn. With the successful completion of the trials on an industrial scale by leading materials experts, Teijin Aramid has taken a step closer towards commercialization of circular Twaron®.

CEO Peter ter Horst: “The success of this is due to the knowledge, experience and cooperation with our customers and value chain partners, over many years.”

2050 vision

The first industrial-scale production of Twaron® using recycled material underscores the company’s commitment to a circular economy for aramid. This is also in line with the European Union’s Green Deal vision for a resource-efficient economy with no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. This is a remarkable progress in Teijin Aramid’s journey towards a fully sustainable and circular aramid value chain. Teijin Aramid has been mechanically recycling end-of-life para-aramid products for decades. Now, our physical recycling technology will make circular aramids possible.