International Business Research 2023: Colombia & Ecuador

25-11-2022 IRO news

International Business Research 2023: Colombia & Ecuador

Do you want to explore your opportunities in Colombia and/or Ecuador, and work closely together with a large group of academic students? Then IBR is the perfect project for your company!

IBR is a study project facilitated by the University of Groningen, set up and executed by students from the Faculty of Economics and Business. Our student consultants explore the chances and opportunities for Dutch/EU-based companies in emerging market countries. This year, we will conduct research in Colombia and Ecuador. Our team offers an unbiased, objective, and novel perspective tailored to your company!

What makes IBR a unique research project?

❖ IBR builds the bridge between academic students and your company.
❖ IBR offers tailor-made research conducted by student consultants with different academic backgrounds.
❖ IBR can vary from a general local market analysis to a detailed partner or distributor analysis.
❖ IBR is the largest research project in the Netherlands with 30+ years of experience.
❖ IBR is supervised by 3 professors, and an advisory board of 40+ members.
❖ IBR is a non-profit project.

Why are we targeting Colombia and Ecuador

Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA)
Nine new nations have joined the Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA), including Colombia and the Netherlands. Both countries have pledged to rapidly expand offshore wind in order to address the climate and energy security crises. The Global Alliance will be crucial in putting goals into practice and bridging the implementation gap for renewable energy while addressing issues with the economy, energy security, and the environment. In order to advance national, regional, and international goals and remove obstacles to the deployment
of offshore wind in both new and existing markets, countries that have joined GOWA have agreed to collaborate.

Ecuador Launches Auction for Offshore Blocks in 2024
Following auctions for onshore regions that will end next year, Ecuador plans to offer blocks for offshore exploration and production of natural gas at the Gulf of Guayaquil, most likely in 2024, according to energy minister Xavier Vera. Once blocks are identified, Vera anticipates approving a proposal in the upcoming months that would provide production sharing contracts to interested energy businesses.

As a result, now is a great time to invest in Colombia’s and Ecuador’s related industries. However, before moving to these emerging markets, it is of high importance to have a detailed market analysis. IBR conducts research on the opportunities for your business. With more than 380 previous projects, and supervision of professionals we guarantee a high quality research. There are many possibilities and opportunities for EU, Dutch, and/or Dutch-based businesses in the offshore sector and related industries in Colombia and Ecuador.

More information

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