Invitation Plate Buckling Webinar 18 September 2019

10-09-2019 Member news

Invitation Plate Buckling Webinar 18 September 2019

Plate Buckling check is an important aspect of offshore constructions. Each plate should be checked thoroughly as it influences the strength and stability of the whole construction.

SDC Verifier has a useful instrument — Panel Finder tool which allows recognizing plates with dimensions automatically.

Agenda of the webinar:
• Introduction to the SDC Verifier.
• Creation of Load Sets and Load Group (Envelope)
• Plates recognition using Panel Finder tool.
Plate Buckling tables and plots.
• Reporting: Preparing and generating the final report on a check.

Webinar will be held on Wednesday 18th of September at 9:00 AM CET (1:30 PM India 3:00 PM China) and 4:00 PM CET (11:00AM Brazil, 9:00AM Houston, Texas).
Central European Time, Please pay attention to the time zones difference

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