New in 2020: skills lab trainingen

18-12-2019 Member news

New in 2020: skills lab trainingen

In 2020 a new type of training courses can be found on the calendar of DOB-Academy. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Dutch: RvO) has awarded DOB-Academy kick-start financing for the development and organisation of six different workshops, which will focus on six societal aspects that play a significant role in innovation projects according to Corporate Social Responsibility (Dutch: MVO/MVI) in the energy sector.

Incorporating these societal aspects is key when filing subsidy requests for innovation projects. If not adequate subsidy requests may be denied. The workshops by DOB-Academy will give valuable insights for those who develop and write innovation project proposals on what these societal aspects entail and how to integrate them in the project proposals.

The topics of the workshops range from ‘Design thinking: knowing ones target group’ to ‘Stakeholder and conflict management’. Each workshop will cost € 495,- (excl. VAT) and will take one day. In addition to the societal aspects DOB-Academy will provide a lecture on offshore wind and give an interactive game. The topics of the lectures and interactive games will be different for each workshop and complement the main topic.

The dates of the workshops will be coordinated with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency such that participants will have sufficient time to include the societal aspects in their project proposals and subsidy requests. Each workshop will be organised twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. The dates will soon be announced on our website.

For more information, please contact Elena Stroo-Moredo (