OTC 2020 LIFT2WORK the Netherlands


OTC 2020 LIFT2WORK the Netherlands

Dear Guest,

To whom OTC 2020 is of interest. For most of you is this week, “the OTC week”. Every year the first week in May.

Leaving for Houston and meet and great all people during the days and evenings related to the OIL & Gas business and Renewables. Unfortunately not this year.

LIFT2WORK presents a virtual tour to our booth at the OTC. If you like you can click on below links and see for yourself.

If you have time we recommend the long version (takes some time to download the unity) and follow the arrows to move around.

Or if you just like to pass by use the short version.

Long version = http://www.lift2work.nl/beurs/

Short version = http://www.lift2work.nl/beurs-small/

Or go to the HOME page http://www.lift2work.nl  scroll down and click on the virtual tour of your choice.

Enjoy our presentation and if you like you can look for the GREEN lighting poster and click to application 03  see a short sea trial impression.

Hope to meet you in person next year!

With best regards and stay healthy,
Jan Rooswinkel

T    +31(0)85 333 00 30
  +31 (0)612990651