Resin Free Environmental Seal Cable Hang-Off System

02-05-2023 Member news

Resin Free Environmental Seal Cable Hang-Off System

Vos Prodect are constantly adapting and innovating our product range to accommodate the requirements of the future. As an engineering company we listen to our client’s requirements and look to offer bespoke subsea solutions to cater for their project needs. Working with global clients across the wind, oil and gas sectors can present an array of engineering challenges, which we fully embrace to source and specify the appropriate solutions.

A recent example of this is where a world leading Danish offshore operator approached Vos Prodect to devise a Cable Hang-Off Solution. The Cable Hang-Off needed to reduce the amount of air passing through and accommodate the sealing requirements in accordance with the IP 44 Norm.

To achieve this Vos Prodect innovated a Resin Free solution accessory for our Cable Hang-Off System which is known as an ‘Environmental Seal’. In comparison to a traditional resin filled Cable Hang-Off System, the Environmental Seal offers a much more eco-friendly resin free solution to achieve the IP 44 Norm. The Cable Hang-Off System has an environmental sealing plug at the bottom of the Hang-Off in the J Tube, which clamps both to the outside of the offshore cable that it is securing and also the inside of the entry tube.

The innovated resin free accessory of the environmental seal is a proven solution. Undergoing vigorous verification testing within our facility and now being successfully deployed within some offshore Cable Hang-Off contracts, projects in the UK, Europe and USA, the resin free environmental seal is now available as a sustainable alternative to a resin filled Cable Hang-Off system.

Contact Vos Prodect today to find out further information on the Resin Free Environmental Seal and how it can be applied for your next subsea project.