SDC Verifier 2024 R1 Release Empowers Structural Engineers with Enhanced Accuracy and Expanded Standards Compliance

28-03-2024 IRO news

SDC Verifier 2024 R1 Release Empowers Structural Engineers with Enhanced Accuracy and Expanded Standards Compliance

SDC Verifier, a leading provider of structural design software, today announced the release of SDC Verifier 2024 R1.

This latest release offers structural engineers cutting-edge features for finite element analysis (FEA) modeling, analysis, optimization, and verification, ensuring superior accuracy and adherence to the latest industry standards.

Key updates in SDC Verifier 2024 R1 include:

  • Expanded Code Coverage: Support for new standards, including American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Offshore Structures, Plate Buckling (2022); American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Floating Production Installations, Plate Buckling (2024); Bureau Veritas (BV) NR615 Plate Buckling (2023); Australian Standard (AS) 4100 (2020); and Eurocode3 Welds 1D (EN1993-1-8, 2005).
  • FEA Compatibility: Updated compatibility with Ansys 2024 R1, Simcenter 3D 2312, and Femap 2401.
  • Advanced Fatigue Analysis: Introduction of Rainflow Counting tool for fatigue standards Eurocode3 Fatigue (EN1993-1-9, 2005), EN 13001 Fatigue (2018), DIN 15018 (1984), and F.E.M. 1.001 (3rd, 1998).
  • Improved Weld Analysis: Replacement of Elemental (beta) method with advanced Elemental-Nodal method in Weld Force Summation tool and applicable weld strength standards.

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer Wouter van den Bos:

“I’m incredibly proud of our newest release, the first stand-alone version of SDC Verifier. This version incorporates numerous new standards and significant upgrades to fatigue analysis tools like hotspot stress and Rainflow Counting. A huge thank you to our development team! I invite all our customers to explore this powerful new release”

Chief Operation Officer at SDC Verifier, Oleg Ishchuk:

“SDC Verifier 2024 R1 had two paramount focuses: enhancing user experience through long-awaited features and code integrations and improving the functionality of our new independent software version. We achieved the first with the implementation of 5 new standards, refined Rainflow Counting, enhanced weld strength checks, and more. The second focus was realized by incorporating feedback from early adopters, resulting in improved visual appearance and optimized performance. I’m thrilled about the new level of quality and confidence we deliver to structural engineers with 2024 R1”

Head of Engineering at SDC Verifier, Roman Samchuk:

“I’m particularly excited about the integration of the latest plate buckling standards. Following the most up-to-date recommendations is crucial for new structural designs. Additionally, the 1D weld strength checks significantly streamline analysis for projects using simplified models, making it easier to evaluate weld integrity without the need for complex modeling. Finally, the inclusion of the Rainflow Counting method allows users to directly apply this powerful fatigue analysis technique. SDC Verifier 2024 R1 offers all of this alongside numerous smaller enhancements that will undoubtedly improve the user experience”

Development Team Lead at SDC Verifier, Bohdan Melnyk:

“Our development team is dedicated to the continuous evolution of SDC Verifier. This latest release demonstrates our focus on fixing bugs, integrating the latest standards, and enhancing core features to ensure structural engineers have the most powerful and accurate tools at their disposal”

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Company Background:

SDC Verifier specializes in mechanical and structural design, offering both engineering consultancy services and powerful simulation and code-checking software. The company’s flagship product, SDC Verifier, seamlessly integrates with popular FEA solutions, significantly simplifying and speeding up structural design and verification processes for engineering projects.


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