Review IRO-NWEA webinar: Instruments for (international) project financing

18-02-2022 IRO news

Review IRO-NWEA webinar: Instruments for (international) project financing

Export is one of the most important pillars of our Dutch economy.
The (offshore) energy sector is usually a capital-intensive sector, in which capital goods and services are regularly exported. Good access to public funding is of great importance for our sector.

Two major players in this field:

During this webinar, both parties explained:

  • What they do and can mean for companies with export activities
  • Where they complement or overlap each other
  • Which companies have actually made successful use of the financial instruments
  • How greening initiatives are additionally stimulated
  • How easily accessible access to both organizations actually is
  • Which broad target group they serve, with a large focus on SMEs

Became curious?!

See the presentations here:

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