The power of marine energy


The power of marine energy

Next to wind and solar power, another mega source of energy will play an increasingly important role in the energy transition: marine energy. As a stable and reliable power supplier, energy generated out of our oceans, seas and rivers will be of great value for balancing the demand and supply of our electricity systems. Together with the offshore energy industry we can fast track this high potential sector.

Marine Energy Solutions
When looking at marine energy, various types can be distinguished: tidal energy, wave energy, salinity gradient energy and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). Depending on geographical location and market purpose, marine energy devices can be integrated in multiple-business cases and offer universal solutions for the offshore, utility and infrastructure sectors.

The offshore energy industry can profit from marine energy solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions of
operations. Electrification of platforms and subsea operations powered by marine energy will be the next era. For future offshore wind farms that will be constructed far from shore, artificial islands with a combination of marine and wind energy can provide these farms with a steady flow of green power. Marine energy devices can also easily be implemented in existing or new to build infrastructural designs. A tidal energy array has been successfully built in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, and plans for a large-scale tidal plant in the Brouwersdam are under development.

Offshore Energy Experience
The knowledge and proven concepts of marine energy solutions are available, and the long-term perspective required to stimulate the further development is supported by the development of a Marine Energy Roadmap by the Dutch Government in 2020. Expertise from the offshore energy sector can help fast track developments: together we can learn from experience in the fields of offshore construction, the operation of turbines in offshore wind farms and environmental management.

Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)
DMEC operates as independent consultant and service provider in the international marine energy sector. We collaborate with clients in various market segments to identify, explore and realise tailored solutions using innovative marine energy technologies. Our private and public sector clients include marine energy technology developers, investors, regulators and corporates in the offshore, utility and infrastructure sectors.

For more information, please contact Koos Uneken, Senior Project Manager at DMEC:, T +31 647132358 –

Foto: Sabella D10 Tidal Turbine. As a stable and reliable power supplier, marine energy will be of great value for balancing the demand and supply of our electricity systems.