Webinar Design Optimization for the FEA Models with SDC Verifier

20-10-2022 Member news

Webinar Design Optimization for the FEA Models with SDC Verifier

On October 24, the SDC Verifier team will host the webinar Design Optimization for the FEA Models with SDC Verifier.

SDC Verifier’s COO Oleg Ishchuk, will talk about structural optimization possibilities in SDC Verifier. The general idea of the Optimization Module is to check the design so that element properties meet industry standards requirements. SDC Verifier has several types of optimization:

  • Beam Member Optimization (According to AISC 360-10 Members (14th, 2010), AISC ASD 89 (9th, 1989), Eurocode 3 Members Check (EN 1993-1-1), Eurocode 3 Fire Design (EN 1993-1-2), API RP 2A-LRFD (1st, 1993), API RP-2A WSD (21st, 2007), ISO 19902 (1st, 2007), Norsok N004 (Rev.3, 2013), AIJ (2005 Edition, 2017), AS 3990 (1993))
  • Plates Optimization (Plates can be optimized according to Plate Buckling Rules (ABS Plate Buckling (2004 & 2014), DNV Plate Buckling (1995), DNV Buckling Strength of Plated Structures (2010)) and Fatigue Standards (DIN 15018, DIN DVS 1608 and DIN DVS 1612, DNV-RP-C203 Fatigue, EN13001, Eurocode 3 Fatigue (EN1993-1-9), FEM 1.001, FKM (5th and 6th editions))
  • Weld Optimization (According to DNV OS-C101-LRFD (2011), DNV OS-C201-WSD (2011), Eurocode 3 Weld Strength (EN1993-1-8, 2005))


To join the webinar at 9:00 AM UTC+2 Amsterdam time (12:30 AM Delhi, 3:00 PM Beijing, 4:00 PM Seoul, Tokyo), please follow this link to register.

To join the webinar at 4:00 PM UTC+2 (11:00 AM Brazil, 09:00 AM Houston, Texas), please follow this link to register.

About SDC Verifier

SDC Verifier is an engineering company in mechanical and structural design that provides engineering consultancy services and tailor-made code-checking software. The SDC Verifier software is a powerful standard checking tool that works within different FEA solutions, such as ANSYS, Femap, and Simcenter 3D. It helps to automatically verify your FEA results according to multiple industry standards such as DIN, EN, Eurocode, FEM, AISC, Norsok, ISO, DNV, ABS, DVS, FKM, AIJ, and AS.

SDC Verifier is a perfect solution to automate all possible routine work, speed up the verification of engineering projects significantly, and easily create an advanced engineering report.