October 18 - 21 | Kish Island

After the successful organizing of the last Iran-Kish International Maritime Exhibition, The eighteenth Iran International Maritime Industries Exhibition on 18th to 21th October 2016 with the cooperation of EUROPORT will be held in the south of Iran, the Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

This exhibition which was held in an area of 14,000 Sq.m indoor and outdoor space and more than 50,000 Sq.m of water-crafts displaying area received a unique and warm welcome from the traders and specialists Islamic Republic of Iran and the region are heavily dependent on maritime industry to meet the increasing demand of sea transport. We do hope that the Iran International maritime & offshore technologies Exhibition would be a suitable venue for participants and visitors to meet their potential counterparts and discuss of their interests and explore business opportunities.

Mentioned cooperation between IRANIMEX & EUROPORT will be carried out in domestic and international sections. Due to the recent MOU between IRANIMEX and EUROPORT, The international section`s responsibilities have been given to EUROPORT. The responsibilities include: informing companies, advertising, registering, data collecting and receiving fees and coordinating prior to the exhibition.
The exhibition will be held in onshore and offshore areas, oil and petrochemical, ports and maritime, construction and repair of vessels, deep-water offshore industries and technologies, defense and maritime industries, manufacturing and supplying maritime equipment, consulting and engineering, education and Research, maritime economy, maritime transportation, sea physics and oceanography, management and planning safety and security at sea, the use of new technologies in the maritime industries, maritime environmental protection, rules, standards and conventions International affairs and tourism resort, prevention of maritime accidents, marine affairs and fisheries, free and special economic zones, banks and insurance companies and related industries.

The IRANIMEX maritime exhibition is a tremendous opportunity for well-known and enthusiastic companies to meet each other in Iran`s growing market. The exhibition is a place for communication, cooperation and trade between Iranian companies and its industrial potential with the rest of the world in maritime, offshore, shipbuilding and all activities related to maritime industries and technologies.
It should be mentioned that this exhibition is one of the most important maritime events in the Middle East which is held in the Kish Island. All activists are warmly invited to attend in this event to earn their market share in the maritime industries.