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Ordinary member
Direct suppliers of products and services to the offshore energy industry.

Associated member
Associated members are companies and organisations who are not direct suppliers to offshore energy industry but have an indirect interest in the offshore energy industry.

A supporter is a self-employed person or a sole proprietorship.

Exchange membership
Associated organisations (international)

  • To become a member of IRO, it is required that a company is registered in the Netherlands
  • The IRO Board reviews your application and decides on admission to the membership (Art. 6 of the Articles of Association)
  • With regard to AVG/GDPR our Privacy Statement can be read here
  • Only ordinary members have the right to vote at the General Assembly. Associated members, supporters, candidate members and exchange members do not have this right
  • The annual membership fee is based on the company’s annual turnover in the offshore energy industry
  • Termination of membership can be done by e-mail before 1 October (three months’ notice, calendar year from January-December) (Art. 7 of the Articles of Association)

Membership fee from 1 January 2024

Ordinary member Turnover in million Euros per annum Contribution p/yr
Category 1 < € 1 € 1700
Category 2 € 1-7 € 3400
Category 3 > € 7 € 6800
Associated member Turnover in million Euros per annum Contribution p/yr
Category 1 < € 1 € 1300
Category 2 € 1-7 € 2600
Category 3 > € 7 € 5200
Other Turnover in million Euros per annum Contribution p/yr
Supporter not applicable € 900
Exchange membership not applicable € 250
  • One-time registration fee: €250
  • All fees exclusive of VAT
  • The membership fee can be subject to a yearly price index

Key activities /categories

1. Seismic & hydrographic surveys
2. Drilling
3. Design, engineering, research, consultancy
4. Materials and equipment suppliers/manufacturers
5. Fabrication, construction, shipbuilding, repair
6. Civil construction and dredging
7. Inspection, M&R, pipeline, offshore installation
8. Transport, logistics
9. Health, safety, environment and QA/QC
10. Personnel, training & education
11. Trade associations, GO's, NGO's, associated activities
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