Royal Van Beest

Royal Van Beest

The Royal Van Beest Group is the leading manufacturer of premium quality lifting, lashing, and mooring fittings. Our mission is to enable customers to get their lifting, lashing, or mooring job done expertly and safely. Our failsafe products with long-term durability and traceable raw materials are ‘Made in Europe’. Moreover, they perform above internationally accepted standards and are supplied with the associated certifications.

Royal Van Beest combines consistency and quality craftsmanship with an outstanding ability to deliver products when and where they are needed to customers across the globe. We understand that projects can be delayed or even stopped if the right products are not on hand. That’s why Royal Van Beest has an industry-leading stock availability of 99% for its standardized products and is active in 90 countries worldwide.

Royal Van Beest understands that different environments need different products. Lifting and lashing operations in the offshore transport and installation business are challenging due to harsh environments. In other industries – such as manufacturing and distribution – continuity is key to daily operations. Royal Van Beest brings everything together with Green Pin®, Irizar Forge, Sling Supply International, and Heuer Hebetechnik brands under one roof.

Green Pin®

Modest as we are, we know our place in the bigger picture. And that is right in the centre. The centre of reliability and responsibility. As we know a Green Pin® product is always just a part of a bigger project. Part of often extremely large constructions. With great risks and great interests. Then you take no chances. Then you choose Green Pin® quality. The centrepiece of rigging. Green Pin® products consist of a full range of belowthe-hook products for a wide variety of uses:

  • Connectors: shackles, hooks, links, swivels, lifting clamps, turnbuckles
  • End fittings: sockets, wire rope clips/blocks, steel/fibre chain
  • Lifting points: lifting eyes, rotating hoist rings

Industries served by Green Pin®:

  • Offshore construction
  • Onshore construction
  • Onshore installation
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Project road transport
  • Mining, fishing, and aquaculture

Irizar Forge

Irizar Forge’s state-of-the-art forging facility produces innovative, tailor-made crane components that come with a high safety factor, an excellent fatigue rating, lower maintenance costs, and a longer lifetime. Irizar Forge will swiftly provide you with a low-maintenance solution that is safe, practical, and durable for years to come. Irizar Forge forges, load-tests, and supplies a wide variety of products:

  • Heavy duty components (up to 5.000 t, SWL lifting): single/double/quad/eye DIN7540 forged hooks, crane hook blocks, ramshorn hook swivels
  • Subsea and mooring components: ROV/KS/transfer forged hooks, triplates, Ylinks, H-links, dee shackles, master links

Industries served by Irizar Forge:

  • Onshore construction
  • Offshore construction
  • Renewables
  • Subsea heavy lifting
  • Mooring

Heuer Hebetechnik

Heuer Hebetechnik offers a wide range of hooks, manufactured in a wide range of standards (including DIN or EN) as well as in a variety of different sizes from 1 (DIN) to 320 (DIN). Standard sizes, such as single and ramshorn hooks, can be supplied from stock, as blanks, with safety catches, or according to your wishes, according to DIN or British- American standards. Heuer Hebetechnik’s portfolio consists of:

  • Unmachined hooks
  • Machined hooks with nut
  • Complete hook assemblies

Industries served by Heuer Hebetechnik:

  • Crane hook blocks assemblers
  • Mobile crane manufacturers
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Sling Supply International

Slingsintt develops, manufacturs, and supplies lifting equipment for all types of
components for wind turbines. Slingsintt offers a wide range of commercial and
custom lifting tools. These ergonomic installations improve safety and assembly time
of the wind turbines in both factories and wind farms. Industries served by Slingsintt:
• Wind
• Foundry
• Electric machines
• General industry


Royal Van Beest has branches in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, and the USA. There are stock-holding distributors of Royal Van Beest products in over 90 countries worldwide. For more information, you can visit the website at or send an e-mail to