SELMERS a Solution Provider
Selmers is a privately owned Dutch company founded in 1966. Specialised in design and manufacturing of equipment, production lines and complete factories for the onshore and offshore sector.

With a vast team of engineers, creative and of all disciplines, Selmers provides reliable, yet innovative solutions to the industry. Configure To Order (CTO), product handling machinery or process installations, controls and software. Engineering To Order (ETO) solutions for more special customer queries, so-called one-offs, based upon your specific problem to be solved. Also, Selmers provides process data retrieval and visualisation automation with virtual commissioning, interactive warehouse management and preventive maintenance possibilities.

Design is all accomplished in-house, having short communication lines and using modern systematic project management techniques. It enables Selmers to produce equipment and software efficiently at competitive price levels and with firm support to their customers.

Functioning of 3-D designs can be simulated already by connecting PLC and CAD drawings into our simulation engine. VR-simulations, even before manufacturing, are therefore possible minimizing cost and time for fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Selmers Academy is subsequently available for personnel and management training courses. Theoretical, practical, remote and on-site. Our Global Services team is there on a 24/7 basis for any question asked, keeping you fully operational.

Solutions for:
Offshore and Onshore
Wind, Water, Gas, Oil and Energy transition fields
Product Handling Equipment, Production Lines, Factories with E-Control Systems and Software
Mechatronic, Robotics, Automation, Digitation, Management Software 4.0
Concept designs, VR-Simulation and Life in-house test
Efficiency, Safety and Production improvement
Maintenance support and Training programs for Operations

Bart Appelman, Managing Director
Jan Peter Biersteker, Business Development Director