SELMERS – Operational Excellentizing your Infrastructure Production & Production Infrastructure. 

Selmers specialises in design and manufacturing of tooling equipment and production line systems for equipment handling and surface protection of wind towers and pipelines in the onshore and offshore energy sector.

Selmers provides tailor-made process solutions utilizing and creating mechatronic equipment designs, offshore robotics, visualization, simulation and data processing software, including integration of OT with IT. Selmers’ expertise is in precision handling and in cleaning & coating process solutions for flow pipes, monopiles, transition pieces and wind towers. As well as providing data software solutions for logging and analyzing the digital thread of objects.

Selmers is aware of the intrinsic motivation that is required to provide the quality that our planet’s resources deserve, when providing infrastructure products. This quality is of importance to make sure that these resources are accessible and safe, now and in the future. Our ambition is to be a partner beyond providing systems and equipment, by striving for our clients’ Operational Excellence.

Selmers as a partner is open, pragmatic, creative, swift and with a positive mindset. We get a kick out doing a sprint, however success for all lies in the marathon that is run together. Flexible in the approach of a challenge, taking on innovation when required for making a difference. Every purchased product should be more than a production process solution, it should be a constructive step towards your competitive plant of the future within the security of our reliable international partnership.

Solutions for:

  • Hydrogen, Wind, Water, (Bio)Gas, Oil and Energy transition fields
  • Surface Treatment Systems, Object Handling Equipment and Surface Validation Equipment
  • (Concept)Design, (Concept)Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning,  Training, Global Services
  • Turn-Key Equipment, Process Lines and IT products
  • Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation, Digital Twin, Plant/Product Management Software
  • Operations & Maintenance Site Support, including Spare Parts and Training programs
  • Operational Excellence, Safety, Innovation, Partnership

Bart Appelman, Managing Director
Jan Peter Biersteker, Business Development Director