Fugro awarded large geotechnical investigation to support California WaterFix project

23-01-2019 Leidschendam Member news

Fugro is leading a consortium providing geotechnical investigations for the landmark California WaterFix (CWF) project in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region. The CWF project is a comprehensive effort to improve water conveyance from the Delta area to Southern California. A key aspect of this project is to ensure that the new structures are as resilient as possible in this earthquake-prone area, safeguarding water supply throughout Southern California. It will also provide ecological and environmental benefits for the Sacramento and San Joaquin river deltas at the north end of San Francisco Bay.

The project involves constructing conveyance facilities which include three river water intakes, twin 30-mile long, 40-foot diameter deep main tunnels, two forebays, a pumping plant and canals to deliver water from the Sacramento River to existing infrastructure, including the State Water Project (SWP) and Central Valley Project pumping plants located 42 miles away in the Southern end of the Delta.

Fugro will deliver an integrated site characterisation program and engineering support to optimise design and minimise construction risks. This program comprises geological assessment, geophysics, drilling, sampling and laboratory testing, incorporating some of the latest advances in the industry. Fugro has a very strong geoconsulting practice, covering areas such as earthquake engineering, engineering geology, geophysics and environmental assessments, and has a long and proven track record of many landmark infrastructure projects in California and around the world.

Brice Bouffard, Director of the Land division comments: ‘We are extremely pleased to work with the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority in support of this important project that will contribute to improving the delivery of fresh water to millions of Californians. In line with our ‘Path to Profitable Growth’ strategy we are leveraging our core expertise and assets to increasingly deliver services in support of amongst others fresh water supply. As a result of global trends such as climate change and population growth, this market is expected to grow significantly.’

The five-year contract for Fugro and its partners is valued at $75 million. The Fugro team for this contract
includes five subconsultants as well as over 35 specialty sub-contractors.