New IRO member in the spotlight: BEZEMER

19-09-2023 IRO news, Member news

New IRO member in the spotlight: BEZEMER

IRO recently welcomed Bezemer as a new member. In a personal interview with Jurgen de Prez, Commercial Director, we get to know winch supplier Bezemer.

What do you excel at?

Our strength is pulling and lifting with a small footprint – literally and figuratively. We sell and rent mainly linear winches. Our winches are compact, relatively light and consume little energy.

Since we have a wide range of machines, we are involved in various projects. An 800 tons winch will be used for pipe pulls of several kilometres while a 100 tons winch can be utilized for the pull of a umbilical.

What won you over to become a member?

Funny figure of speech, what pulled us towards IRO is the large network of professionals that work for IRO and its members. I believe that our membership will provide opportunities to visit conferences and make new connections. At Bezemer we are always looking for new strategic partners to increase the employability of our assets and technology.

What do you have to offer to other members?

We pull like a horse, that describes us best. In addition, we aim to be the most safe and reliable supplier in our industry. We are looking forward to engaging with fellow IRO members, to discuss developments in the offshore industry and see how we can contribute to solutions for the energy transition challenges. As an example, in cooperation with fellow IRO member ALP Maritime Servies, we have developed a concept for the installation of heavy mooring for offshore floating wind, where we install a linear winch on their vessel which allows for generating a higher pull that the bollard pull of the vessel.

How is Bezemer contributing to the energy transition?

As mentioned by developing solutions with others for the challenges ahead. Quite often the challenges in the energy transition are like the ones of the early days of oil and gas. With proven technology, we can re-use some of the solutions.

We have made our first steps in the renewable energy industry for the pull of an export cable for the Hollandse Kust OWF and we use our experience and technology for the installation of offshore floating wind turbines.