Partnering with GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory

28-03-2023 Geothermal, Hydrogen, IRO news, Offshore Wind, Sustainability

Partnering with GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory

Since the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were adopted by member countries of the UN in 2015, initiatives and projects have been launched around the world to realize cleaner industries, affordable and green energy and sustainable cities and communities, among others.

Countries in the Middle East are also picking up on these sustainable development goals. They are developing and starting initiatives in hydrogen production, solar energy, wind energy, offshore wind farms, etc. Opportunities for our offshore energy industry, among others.

Almost all of our members are international. For those who are starting or have projects in Middle Eastern countries, collaboration with GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory, based in Saudi Arabia, is an option.

GCC Laboratory is located in Damman, Saudi-Arabië, and offers the following services:

  • Technical, engineering and consulting
  • Real time digital modeling & simulation
  • Testing & inspection
  • Smart grid
  • Digitalization & asset monitoring
  • Integrity assessment


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GCC Lab Overview 2023 (global)