Live webinar: The 90 percent goal – why adopting the OECD-guidelines is a great idea for your company

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Working towards a sustainable value chain without wrongdoings such as child labour and corruption. And at the same time preparing your company for the future by contributing to the SDG’s. You can do both, by subscribing to the OECD-guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. To get you started and to answer questions you might have about the guidelines, VNO-NCW in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organizing a webinar on the 4th of November, from 9:30 until 11:30 hours.

Guest speakers:

Director Supplier Sustainability of Philips (Dylan McNeill)
Head Business Sustainability Syngenta Benelux (Hanneke Verhelst)
Chair of the National Contact Point (Maartje van Putten)
Founder of Human RightsAtWork (Liesbeth Unger)
Secretariat of the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (Fleur Meerman)

The Dutch government aims for 90 percent of all large companies in the Netherlands with international activities to subscribe to the OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises in 2023. Already 35 percent of all large companies in the Netherlands are subscribing to these international norms for responsible business conduct. Investors, suppliers, customers and other partners in the value chain increasingly expect companies to operate in line with the OECD-guidelines.

Do you have questions on how to subscribe to and implement the guidelines in your company? In this webinar we will answer them. Next to that, several speakers from the public and private sector will shed their light on the matter. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will introduce the 90 percent goal, after which guest speakers will discuss various challenges of implementing the OECD guidelines. You can expect answers from these speakers to questions such as:

‘’What is the difference between subscribing to and implementing the OECD guidelines?’’

“What is the added value of the OECD-guidelines if we already have a CSR-policy of our own – with our own guidelines?”

‘’If I subscribe to the guidelines, what should I include in our CSR-policy?’’

Please let us know if you will attend the Webinar by filling is this registration form. You can do this, by leaving your contact information in this form. You can also leave your questions here, which we will answer during the webinar.

Make sure to also check out the campaign website. Here you can read about the advantages of subscribing to the guidelines and what it means for your company, as well as articles on how companies like Philips, Zeeman and Unilever benefit from the OECD-guidelines on a daily basis.

We hope to see you the 4th of November!

Marhijn Visser