Critical Minds

Critical Minds

We are Critical Minds

At Critical Minds, our employees are exactly that: Critical Minds. Professionals with a critical perspective who enjoy using that perspective to scrutinize the processes in your organization. At Critical Minds, we primarily leverage our expertise in the Construction & Infrastructure, Offshore, Maritime & Energy, Yacht Building, and Manufacturing industries.
In these sectors, many people collaborate on shared goals through projects. Unfortunately, projects sometimes take a wrong turn, directly impacting lead time and costs. That’s when Critical Minds can help you get your projects back on track. How? This varies each time because every project and organization is unique.

How we operate

We co-operate in your organization
We actively participate in your project, team, or department to provide direct support to the operations with our knowledge and fresh, analytical, and critical perspective. Additionally, we are here to challenge the organization to continuously improve processes.

We implement your strategy
We work based on your strategic goals. We design a program to achieve these goals, and we implement it. We provide tailor-made solutions and work together with your organization, staying until the implementation is truly embedded.

We develop your people
Who are you as a professional and who are you as a leader? Why do you do what you do and how do you become more effective? We develop professionals and teams both personally and in their skills and abilities within our areas of expertise. We offer our training programs both in-house and through open enrollment at our Critical Minds Academy.

Let your projects and organization excel as well.
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