Government initiatives

The Government has identified 9 Dutch ‘Top Sectors’ for further support to promote research and development. The support consists of a 500 million Euro innovation fund for SME companies and furthermore of a number of fiscal incentives.

The two top sectors most relevant for the oil and gas industry are ’Energy’ and ‘Water’. In order to profit from the government support companies have participated in so called innovation contracts. Companies can make their own innovation contract with the government, but it is also possible to participate in innovation contracts made by others like the innovation contracts of TNO, the Netherlands Wind Energy Association and the Dutch Maritime Network.

Innovation contract for the Maritime Industry

The Netherlands is the maritime centre of Europe and has the strongest maritime cluster in the world. Total direct turnover is € 26.3 billion and 185,000 people are employed in the Dutch maritime sector. The ambition is to expand these powerful position. The Netherlands goes for the maritime top of the world under the motto: safe, sustainable and economical strong.

Innovation contract Wind at Sea

The Dutch offshore wind supply industry belongs to the top and is a strong export product. In 2010 the market share of the Dutch offshore wind supply industry in the realization of 1000 MW was more than 25% with a turnover of € 1 billion. However what is lacking is an offshore testing field where many of the planned innovations can be tested. Innovation and lower costs are a must for the Dutch Offshore wind energy industry to keep its leading position. Read more on TKI Wind op Zee…