Sustaining operations in a COVID-world and beyond

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In collaboration with IRO member International SOS, we will host a webinar titled “Sustaining operations in a COVID-world and beyond” on Thursday 4 February.

COVID-19 has also affected the offshore & maritime sector worldwide and the pandemic appears to be continuing for a while:

  • How can an organization ensure that business operations are compromised as little as possible?
  • How do you deal with employees with mental problems as a result of lockdowns and stress?
  • What does a vaccination program look like and what role can an employer play in it?

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14:00 hrs:
Sustaining operations in a COVID-world and beyond: International SOS, Dr Lars Petersen (Regional Medical Director)

  • Situational update
    • What is the current COVID-19 situation globally and specifically in Offshore and Maritime industries
    • How can the restrictions and ongoing developments impact organisations and what can you do to sustain operations?
  • Game changers
    • Vaccination
    • COVID passports
    • (mass) Testing
  • Staff health and (mental) wellbeing
    • How can you make sure you keep your people healthy and safe, incl mental wellbeing

14:25 hrs:
Business travel – looking ahead
(International SOS)

  • What does the future of travel look like?

14:30 hrs:
Case study 1
: Neptune Energy, Sigbjørn Dalane (Health & Work Environment Manager)

  • Sharing best practice in dealing with COVID-19 in past, present and future
  • What were Neptune’s main challenges and how did they overcome them?

14:40 hrs:
Case study 2: IRO member Fugro
, Jeroen Smits (Global HSSE Manager)

  • Insight into Fugro’s COVID-19 strategy
  • How has Fugro been able to sustain operations during the pandemic?

14:50 hrs: Q&A

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Date & time

Thursday 4 February, 14:00-15:00 hrs.


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