Fibremax has been producing the strongest alternative to wires and ropes since 2004, they even set the world record for the strongest aramid cable ever made!

Fibremax has a worldwide patented production process with which synthetic fibers are endlessly wound into a cable. The great advantage of this is that the fibers are all parallel to each other and do not abrade each other, making the product last much longer than steel or rope.

In addition, they wrap the fiber around the end fitting, so the lengths are exact and there is no elongation in the construction.

The fiber used depends on the application of the cable. As part of a crane construction, for example in the fly-jib, usually aramid (produced by Teijin) is chosen. For subsea applications usually Dyneema (produced by DSM) is chosen. Synthetic fiber does not rust or fatigue, which makes the product ideal for applications where a very long lifespan is needed.

In recent years, FibreMax has become a trusted name in the (offshore) crane market, with clients such as Liebherr, Huisman, Hebo and TTS-NMF. But also in the renewable energy sector they make innovative projects possible, such as Minesto, SeaQurrent, Pelastar and big floating offshore wind TLP projects.

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