Established in 2009, FibreMax produces the world’s strongest cables, holding the world record since 2019 with a breaking strength of 17,020kN and 1,735 tonnes! FibreMax tension members offer the most robust alternative to steel and ropes.

In Joure, in the heart of Friesland, FibreMax produces circular tension members with the help of a unique patented endless winding process. This process delivers an important advantage, as the fibres are wound in parallel around the end terminations, which do not abrade. FibreMax lightweight tension members are available in any break load, diameter or length, to suit the demands of each client or project. Thanks to our innovative, highly automated production process, we can provide customised solutions for your specific application. The tension members are produced with an accuracy level of 99.9 per cent.

FibreMax works with a range of fibres. For on- and offshore cranes, aramids produced by Teijin Aramid are used, while renewable energy applications, such as tension leg platforms, are better suited to Dyneema® by DSM. Compared with conventional steel solutions, FibreMax tendons boast a 90 per cent weight reduction without losing MBL compared with conventional steel solutions. Furthermore, FibreMax tendons do not require maintenance and have a significantly longer lifespan than steel, with exceptional resistance to rust and fatigue. This makes it the ideal product for use in long-lasting applications.

In recent years, FibreMax has strengthened its position within the onshore and offshore crane market, building relationships with leading brands such as Liebherr, Huisman, Hebo and TTS-NMF. FibreMax is also at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, where we support major floating offshore wind TLP projects and partner with Minesto, SeaQurrent, Glosten Pelastar and GICON, among others.

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