5th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency

Online Webinars

Energy efficiency is centrally important to social development, economic growth and resilience, and clean energy transitions. Many countries have successfully implemented energy efficiency policies, resulting in a range of positive outcomes in terms of jobs, health, security, resilience and access. However, IEA analysis shows there is still significant untapped energy efficiency potential and a concerning slowdown of global efficiency progress in recent years.

Energy efficiency’s immediate benefits are more important than ever in the current context of the global Covid-19 health crisis and its economic impacts. All governments are facing the economic impact of the crisis, and thinking ahead of ways to stimulate their economies and become more prosperous. Evidence shows well-designed stimulus programmes with efficiency considerations can rapidly support the existing workforce, create new jobs, and boost economic activities in a range of key sectors while keeping track of longer-term objectives of clean energy transitions.

Now in its 5th year, the IEA’s Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency will take place online on 23 June. This virtual Conference will be an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive discussion of key issues for energy efficiency with a high-level audience from around the world. This year’s Conference is structured as a set of thematic webinars across the course of the day, allowing people in different parts of the world to participate.

A central element of this year’s virtual Conference will be the launch of a set of recommendations from the Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency. These recommendations will show all governments how to stimulate more energy efficiency action, more investment, and more jobs in the context of the Covid-19 economic recovery and beyond. The Conference will focus on policy action to deliver the impacts of energy efficiency in responses to the Covid-19 crisis as well as long-term objectives of clean energy transitions.

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