Energy Reinvented event: Connect to act: de- or recarbonisation of the industry?

Nieuwegein Conferenties & Beurzen

Date: 12 April 2022
10.00 hrs
NBC Congrescentrum Nieuwegein


Rearranging the energy and feedstock streams in our industrial clusters towards sustainable processes and products driving zero-emissions.

The industry clusters in the Netherlands are strongly integrated. Product, by product and waste streams of one plant are often feedstock and energy source to the neighbouring facility. In order to reach the Paris agreement the industry is facing the challenge to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly. This does not only require the decarbonization of energy demand via e.g. electrification, low carbon hydrogen or CCS, but also implies the recarbonisation of processes, if companies move away from the use of fossil based feedstock.

Zero-emission or circular feedstocks from biomass, recycled waste streams or CCU can play can important role. Integration of these new streams and process with and across industrial clusters is becoming more and more important. This is where new infrastructure for hydrogen, CO2, renewable power and heat comes in.

At this event, we will hear the views of industry players, policy makers and advisors on how this industrial transformation can be realised during the next decades and how new industries such as biorefineries, synthetic fuel production can be attracted to the clusters in the Netherlands.

Programme & registration

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