OTC 2021 Around The World – The Netherlands

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“Embracing the energy transition – The Dutch approach”

Wednesday 18 August @ 09.00 CDST / 16.00 CET

The Netherlands is taking part in a global effort to develop a low CO2 energy economy that is safe, reliable and affordable.
We are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels as we transition towards a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system. We are taking the lead in the development of alternative energy sources and technologies. Standing out by resourcefulness, applied science and ‘can do’ mentality in strong collaborations of government, business and knowledge institutes, we are keen to share projects and innovations that showcase our strong capability in connecting sectors, humanity and technology with a sustainable mind-set.
This session highlights the roadmap The Netherlands has set out to a future-proof sustainable offshore energy supply system.

You will be taken on a journey by 5 renowned speakers:

  • René Peters – Director Gas Technology of TNO (Board member IRO)
    René will be setting the scene with a future outlook of the North Sea as energy powerhouse for Northwest Europe
  • Pieter van Oord – CEO Van Oord (Chairman IRO)
    Pieter’s presentation will highlight the Dutch offshore wind energy sector as a key driver of economic growth and innovation. Excellent Public Private Partnership between Government-Industry-Knowledge Institutes has resulted in a booming and reliable offshore wind industry which is still expanding
  • Bas Buchner – President MARIN
    For many years, large floating structures have enabled the production of offshore oil & gas. The complex technologies developed for this, can also be used for the development of the sea of the future, with its advanced structures for renewable energy and food production. This presentation offers innovative and sustainable perspectives for the future of the offshore sector, based on the latest research in this field
  • Jacqueline Vaessen – General manager Nexstep
    Jacqueline will elaborate on Nexstep, the national platform for re-use and decommissioning, that has been established to facilitate, stimulate and illustrate the safe, clean and efficient (30% cost reduction) removal of oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands. In addition, Nexstep stimulates securing crucial infrastructure for re-use, in order to accelerate the energy transition
  • Lex de Groot – Managing director Neptune Energy NL
    The offshore hydrogen pilot PosHYdon will be the world’s first offshore hydrogen production facility on an operating O&G platform; the pilot to unlock the potential for large scale green hydrogen production offshore


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