Webinar: The role of LPG in Africa’s energy transition

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There is an incredible difference in the way countries look at the use of natural gas. While in the Netherlands, there is an ongoing effort to reduce the use of gas, in next-door Germany shutting down lignite (bruinkool in Dutch) fired energy plants and replacing them with gas-powered facilities is seen as a tremendous step forward.

Meanwhile a lot of African gas-producing countries feel an urgency to use gas to generate electricity or to use it for cooking -rather than charcoal. During this webinar we ask experts from this field the question: what role can LPG play in Africa’s energy transition?


Wednesday 16 June – 10.30 CET


Omar Abdallah
General Coordination Officer
Euro LPG

René Peters
Business Director Gas Technology
TNO Research Institute

Volko de Jong
Managing Partner / International Business Developer

Arne Doornebal
Media Relations & Country Representative for Algeria, Tunisia and Uganda

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