Young IRO machine learning event powered by JB Systems and Innovation Booster

Rotterdam Young IRO

“Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that enables a computer or machine to learn from observations, predict the outcome of a new observation and act on this. This allows machines to perform tasks that previously only humans could do and potentially faster, for longer periods or more reliable. “
– Maarten Vaandrager, R&D Coördinator at JB Systems.

On June 13th IRO member JB Systems will be hosting Young IRO’s Machine Learning event at Sparta stadium ‘Het Kasteel’. Together with their multidisciplinary peers, young professionals will be challenged to solve issues which (former) IRO board members are facing in the Dutch offshore industry. Perhaps these issued can be solved by using machine learning? JB Systems will give a further introduction on the topic, followed by a workshop hosted by Innovation Booster, a company dedicated to top and bottom line improvement with innovation practices. To conclude, food and drinks will be served, plus there will be a surprise waiting for you all!

Do you want to know what machine learning can do for you, your company and our industry? Sign up now for the Young IRO Machine Learning event via and get inspired!

Date: 13 June
Time: 14.30 – 20.00 hrs
Location: Sparta Stadion, Spartapark-Noord 1, Rotterdam