Bauhuis Solutions B.V.

Bauhuis Solutions B.V.

Bauhuis solutions b.v. is specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of state of the art equipment for on-shore and off-shore projects. Bauhuis has specialized expertise in the design of equipment for coating of steel pipelines. Coatings applied by Bauhuis equipment range from internal liquid epoxies to 3-layers coating and concrete weight coatings. As Bauhuis has recently joined forces with TTS (Twente technical services) also sophisticated hydraulic systems can be designed and supplied.

Bauhuis solutions b.v. has recently also developed machines for the automated internal and external blasting of monopiles and wind towers. Solutions designed by Bauhuis are based on automated turbine blasting which is far superior to existing manual compressed air technology currently in use in the wind industry. The Bauhuis technology requires less manpower (approx. 10%) and energy. On top of that quality is much better assured due to the automation of the blasting process.

Bauhuis Solutions b.v. has all the resources in place for large scale and efficient equipment design and manufacturing. In-house design capability in the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical fields are available. Spacious assembly halls equipped with 20T cranes are very well suited for assembly of large scale equipment assembly and testing.

Bauhuis solutions is a part of a large Dutch industrial group employing over 450 people. In this group several machine building and high precision machining companies are present.

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