EMHA specialises in measuring, installation, maintaining and optimising machines and equipment in industry and marine. With more than 50 years of expertise in marine, offshore and industry our specialists work to make propulsion systems and rotating machines operate more efficiently and sustainably. And we do this all over the world. We feel responsible for our clients and want to deliver only the best quality. No ready-made solutions, always custom work; that is what we are all about. Since we are not tied to any specific suppliers, we can always offer independent advice.

EMHA Monitoring manufactured the well-known Techno Fysica™ sensors and monitoring systems.
We supply and support a comprehensive range of products, services and engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Marine & Offshore, Cranes, Lifting and Rigging, Mooring, Research and many different industries worldwide.
Our expertise lies in the field of custom design client specific measuring sensors and innovative measuring system solutions for a number of demanding industries.

We offer load cell maintenance related to reconditioning, repair/overhaul (all makes), calibration and certification. Our 24/7 on-site support and services include structural stress measurement,
system failure analysis, weighing, bollard pull, winch and cable tensioner calibration.

EMHA Diagnostics provides tailor-made services in the field of condition monitoring, vibration measurements and analyses. Excessive vibrations or incorrect loads can cause considerable damage or a loss of efficiency to your installation. Problems that can lead to machine malfunctions or failure of your installation. To prevent this, appropriate measures can be taken against excessive vibrations or loads. in order to trace the root cause of these problems (root cause measurements) and to find a suitable solution under the right operating conditions. With our specialised knowledge and advanced equipment, it is possible to perform a wide variety of measurements or supply condition monitoring systems.

Rob van de Vliet, Product Manager | Monitoring
Hans Speksnijder, Sales Engineer | Monitoring & Diagnostics