Norsk Industri

Norsk Industri

The Federation’s history goes back to 1889 and the establishment of the Mechanical Industry Association. On November 28th 2005 the new organisation Federation of Norwegian Industries was established. It is the result of a merger between the two large industrial federations of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO): the Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries (TBL) and the Federation of Norwegian Process Industries (PIL).

Our Aim and our Member Companies
The Federation of Norwegian Industries organises businesses in the following sectors and industries:

  • aluminium, biotechnology, cement, chemical industries, electro and energy equipment, foundries, furniture, glass and ceramics, laundry and dry cleaning, machine and hardware industry, maritime industry, smelters, metals, mining, oil and gas contractors, packaging, paints and coatings, onshore petroleum activities, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pulp and paper, recycling, rubber, textiles and ready-made clothing.

Total annual turnover for the sectors that the Federation of Norwegian Industries represents exceeded NOK 567 billion in 2009. Total annual exports had a value of NOK 260 billion.

Our most important task is to ensure that society understands how important a viable industry is for our future welfare. Thus, the Federation’s most important task is to ensure that the authorities adopt a long-term fiscal policy in which the competitiveness of Norwegian industry is given the highest priority, and in which Norwegian industrial companies are allowed to further develop their strongholds, namely an advanced and technology-intensive industry based on one of our national assets: hydropower.